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Unlike the Dietz bell bottom lanterns, the Adlakes had patent dates. It was similar to the Adams, but may have had a last patent date in the year , and may.

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked lantern questions. Many of the e-mails we receive pertain to specific lantern models, and when they were made, etc. To determine the month and year of manufacture on most Dietz lanterns made between and , look at the “M” or “S” production date located under the patent dates, usually located on the upper part of the air tube to the right of the fuel cap, or on the center air tube on Hot Blast lanterns.

Do not confuse the “M” or “S” production dates with a patent date when looking at a Dietz Lantern. Stamping Patent and Production dates into Dietz lanterns was abandoned in , coinciding with the establishment of the Hong Kong factory. The lantern division of the R. Dietz Company moved to Hong Kong in In the factory was moved from Hong Kong into China.

In the factory was again moved, and now operates in Jiangsu, China. The Dietz sales office continued to operate in Aberdeen, Hong Kong up to Clear K-1 Kerosene with a flash point of to degrees is recommended for outside use.

Dietz Lantern – Construction or Railroad?

Application filed September 5, Serial No. No model.

Kerosene lanterns were quite literally the dawning of a new era, forever changing mankind’s The R.E. Dietz Company of New York was the most recognizable manufacturer of metal Patent date on lantern: – 4 candlepower.

Lantern, Railroad Cold blast lantern, clear globed lantern used by railway brakemen to give common rail signals made by swinging the lantern. This Dietz Vesta is the short globed model 6 which was in production in the US from – View Full Record Lamp, Railroad Piper Co. The lamp is painted black and has one red and three green lenses.

All lenses are the bullseye type. Missing some paint in places.

Dietz Lanterns and Parts

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R.E. Dietz Company was a lighting products manufacturer. They are best known for hot blast and cold blast kerosene lanterns. The company started in

Discussion in ‘ Antique Discussion ‘ started by mountaingirl , May 29, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. Dietz Little wizard lantern age? My dad bought me this Dietz Little Wizard last year and was wondering about the possible age. I cannot see a date on the tube and I will not be removing the paint to try to find it. Yes it is missing the fuel tank cap. Any idea on how old it may be. The back of the globe has Dietz Little wizard N.

USA and on the other side Little wizard. Aquitaine likes this. Only way to be sure is to find the date code on the tube.

Life by Lamplight: Collecting Antique Kerosene Lanterns

If you appreciate the value of vintage collectables, restoring an old lantern is the type of project that gives you a sense of accomplishment. Restoration starts with disassembling the lantern for cleaning and polishing. In a short time, you’ll have a working lantern that provides light and a warm glow.

Beginning in DIETZ manufacturing was done in Hong Kong. Offered here is a DIETZ LITTLE WIZARD Kerosene Lamp. Production Date August in.

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1940’s Dietz “Vesta” Railroad Kerosene Lantern

This webpage is dedicated to my collection of railroad lanterns as well as other railroadiana items. In it you will learn about the various lanterns and lamps used by the railroad. I document how they were used as well as provide information on the railroad line that used it. Do note that while there are battery powered electric lanterns, and electrically powered lamps, my main interest are those that are fuel powered i. The very nature of operating a train and a train yard means that you have to have a means of communication.

Antique Lantern Collectors has members. This is a Clear w/ pat date 3. Red Very clean, original Dietz Hy-Lo, original Machine Gray, factory paint.

The “Vesta” was a popular line of brakeman’s lantern manufactured by the R. Dietz Company over a period of many decades. When collectors refer to the “Dietz Vesta” they are usually thinking of the last version of this model, the “lo-top” model or 6, which is usually classified as a “short globe” lantern. At approximately 11″ in height, the “hi-top” was as tall as most tall globe lanterns but it had a smaller burning chamber to accommodate the weaker flame of the fuel then coming into favor — kerosene.

After World War One, Dietz redesigned the Vesta to make it smaller and more competitive with newly-introduced short-globe lanterns, and this shorter “lo-top” version is the one that is most familiar to collectors. In addition to these major design changes, there were also less significant variations like the use of bell-bottoms in the early models, the use of brass retaining clips or wires to hold the fount in place, and differences in number and placement of draft holes.

The one common feature of all Vesta models was the ventilation design — the so called “cold blast” design whereby air was circulated through flanking tubes to produce a stronger flame. This design not only gave Vesta lanterns a unique profile, but it was so functionally effective that it was used for decades until Dietz discontinued Vesta production around Because of this long production run, Dietz Vesta’s are quite common and therefore easily acquired by collectors.

In fact, Vesta’s marked for the New York Central Railroad are probably the most frequently seen railroad lantern in the antique market. However, while this makes the Vesta less valuable as a collectible, it shouldn’t obscure the fact that the Vesta was a particularly good design that became common because it was so successful. Generations of railroaders relied on them, and no other “name brand” of railroad lantern lasted for so long.

Dietz victor lantern dating – Including R Light of mine 100% cotton 3/8″ wick strip pre cut

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Dietz lanterns were made in the United States until “M” or “S” patent date located under the production date.

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This can be very beneficial for the organization as it allows them to gather a large customer base. It is also very valuable to their customers, who have a solid choice in an industry with few options. Since , the Dietz Company has established itself as such a top choice with its superior variety of utility-type lanterns. Stylish and classy, these products can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Each style of Dietz Lantern is developed with a specific application in mind. Some models have higher-capacity tanks while others have become favorites due to their lightweight and portable structure. Other models are geared to provide the maximum amount of light possible.

Outdoor Gear: Dietz Lantern Comparison