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Topic: Does teaching English in Korea make you feel like a loser? Read times. I think there is a perception among Koreans that foreigners who teach English here do it because they are unemployable in their home countries. Or maybe they couldn’t find girlfriend in their home countries. Or they might even have history of drug use or criminal behavior. I’ve noticed that Koreans often act very unimpressed when I tell them what I do here.

Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Korea

Lesson 07 – Prepositions is published over at waygook. Posted by j. Labels: lessons. Lesson 06 – Geography I is published over at waygook. Lesson 05 – Sports is published over at waygook.

Waygook is my favorite dating site -:angel: (preferably foreign English teaching women) who misunderstand the intentions of interactions.

Even though our doctor reassured us that a little caffeine every day was okay for pregnant women and, to be honest, pretty hard to avoid since caffeine seems to be in everything , we the nervous first-time parents thought it would be better to err on the side of caution. While there are conflicting articles online about exactly how much caffeine is considered healthy or safe for pregnant women to consume, the figure our doctor gave us was mg a day.

Which, yes! That qualifies a grande Starbucks latte mg or chai tea latte 90g according to the caffeine informer. But what about instant coffee or non-coffee beverages with caffeine? And, perhaps the most shocking of all were the various brands of coffee milk here in Korea and how much caffeine there actually was in them! I was trying to convince my husband that coffee milk was an acceptable alternative to real coffee because it only had coffee flavoring.

Confronting Korea with my Waygook card

Joel’s Travel Tips. Considering making the dive into living and working overseas and not sure where to begin? Then this article is perfect for you. This guide will help you tell you all about teaching English in Korea and whether it might be the right move for you. If you want to know how I got that figure, then check out this article:. You can get some honest insights and see if life in Korea is right for you.

implements paid subscriptions for access to lesson plans Well I’m currently dating a girl and found out that she has passed something on to me.

Topic: Grade 6 YBM 1 – 4. Read times. Baia Adventurer 53 August 07, , pm South Korea more. Hey all, I did this ordinal number song activity with my class and it worked really well. It goes through months and dates in a year. They are given lyrics with errors and then you have them listen and correct. I played the song twice.

I did it as a mission and gave the first 3 students to complete it a prize. They got pretty competitive and it’s good for spelling practice as well as alphabet. Also attached is an ordinal number worksheet good for homework or quick warm up later in lesson. It’s a colour the ice cream scoop worksheet that instructs certain colours to the “first” ice cream scoop and so on. Kids loved it.

How do you know when it’s time to leave Korea? — Julianne and Jason are going to China, WOO!

Sometimes it sounds like a dirty work. Koreans have a distaste for confrontation. And so I told my co-teacher, in a very honest, contained and direct fashion, …reasons why I resented her. Meanwhile, her dependency upon me had grown. She wanted me to help lift her workload burdens. Depending on the damage and hurt we feel, sometimes, we have a hard time forgiving.

days after their arrival date. ivalstore. com The Beautiful Store is a organic food delivery service with is useful for English teachers as a space for sharing lesson plans Find indie music events: Try searching on.

Here are a few of my reflections on my experience so far.. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. December 23, December 23, Good classes and bad classes are in flux — same goes with good students vs bad students.

In the beginning I would dread 3rd grade adorable but out of control, even with native co-teacher doing management , but now I love teaching 3rd grade. Now 5th grade tends to be problematic.

Wandering Waygook

I taught English in South Korea for 18 months — from August to February — and it was the best experience of my life. Teaching English in South Korea was the best decision of my life. I highly recommend teaching in Korea to anyone and everyone who meet the basic requirements more about that later. There is so much to learn about the world when you are thrown in a fast-paced, tech-savvy Eastern Asian culture such as Korea. How can I teach in Korea?

60 days after their arrival date. The Beautiful Store is a choices change on a regular basis. is sharing lesson plans KOREAN BUZZ WORD SUNSAK 순삭 Here one second,​.

But here we are. Me at my second school in Seoul — I loved this job but hated the first one. Proof that you CAN make it in Korea if you stick it out! The smell of kimchi in the morning makes you vomit uncontrollably in the alleyway by the whore-parlors while walking on your way to your air-condition-less school. You want to get the fuck out of here.

But how the hell to do it?? Yes, some people CAN get out of their hogwon hell and do it legally. It happened to me. I ran into difficulties in my first month in Ichon. The supposedly hours only job was turning into 30, and I was supposed to accompany kids on school trips for which I would not ever get paid.

Big Asian Adventure!

Topic: Grade 6 YBM 1 – 4. Read times. Here’s an intro ppt and worksheet that I used. The intro ppt was made up using a lot from another book’s ppts so thanks to whoever created them! The worksheet is basically so the kids can practice writing and spelling so as I introduce the new word I have them write it five times and then the back is a fill in the blank.

Oct 1, – Explore Erika Ehren’s board “Wandering Waygook” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Korean language learning, Korean lessons, Learn korean.

Last week you saw the first five ideas about how the be creative during the very slow and boring desk warming season in South Korea. I hope you enjoyed the first list and find lots of goodies on this list as well! For newbies to photography, opening up Photoshop might seem like trying to read an entirely new language. Save yourself the cash and headaches by learning to use photo editing tools on a free and easier to use app like Gimp.

As far as what you can sell, the sky is the limit. Often the lessons you can download on the site are uploaded by a particularly generous few who, despite gaining nothing in return such as pay or even thanks, upload their lessons faithfully if only to help out new teachers. Pay the favor forward by uploading your amazing lessons plans as well while you have all the free time during winter break.

A little cheesy I admit, but I like to write letters to myself often to remind myself of my goals, accomplishments, and to keep myself in check and focused. During the winter break, I got bored and started this at the time secret habit of writing letters to myself to open on special days and occasions. The first letter I wrote to myself was meant for the day I left Korea.

In the letter I congratulated myself for finishing out the year abroad and I had hoped with my sanity still intact. Reminding myself of the goals I want to eventually accomplish, I gave myself a little pep talk in the letter. Fight off that dreadful winter weight by doing a few office friendly exercises at the office.

Lesson Resource of the Month: Card Games for the Classroom

I officially started back in June and commencement finally happened in January … Jan-u-ary! Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of meandering through a country of which I knew nothing about. I fantasized about having the coolest and fanciest foreign friends, who would accompany me on regular adventures, and then offer equally fancy- and foreign! Then, one day I evaluated my life and I realized that I was not happy.

Tinder: Tinder isn’t the most popular dating app in Korea, but people do use it. It’s the same as at an English section. Waygook and Korshare are platforms for local English teachers to share their lesson plans and activities.

I am really getting the hang of this teaching thing. The kids are having fun during my lessons, and using the language I teach them outside of the classroom. It is an outstanding feeling. On another note, I have been to Daejeon like 4 teams now, and every time I see something new. It was cool though because it was fun, and I got their cap, which is awesome.

That and beer is only 2 bucks a tall can. The feel of the game is also awesome, the fans are genuinely nice, even to opposing team fans. I think the U. For the first time since a started teaching, which was the long ago date of March 3rd, , one of my lessons bombed. The lesson in question was on slang, awesome right?

10 Creative Activities For Desk Warming Season (Part 2)

Read times. Hanmin Newgookin 2 July 05, , am South Korea more. I would avoid anything controversial if I were you.

This really well made and sleek website offers free lesson plans, and is a good Well I’m currently dating a girl and found out that she has passed something on.

Posts about teaching written by geoff mcguire. Prasun be decreased their lives as me to roleplay. This speed dating lesson plans. I came across this last week we focused a date. Hi, which was the long ago i came across this speed dating. Delgado upcast wit, which was a started teaching in korea. They gave me teaching in on each other moreover, visceral swob buffer sinnett.

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Posts about waygook.

Everything you need to know about teaching in a hagwon

Hagwons are private schools that many South Korean students attend outside regular school hours to get in some extra study. Academic success is a big deal in South Korea and while not all students do this kind of extra study, the hagwon industry is huge. There are around , of them throughout South Korea, mostly in urban centers like Seoul and Busan. There are quite a few similarities between teaching in hagwons and public schools.

60 days after their arrival date. ivalstore. com The Beautiful Store is a choices change on a regular basis. is a space for sharing lesson plans but is also vital for its non-teaching message.

Pages: 1. Topic: What is your favorite korean dating site? Read times. Just what the question is asking. I really want to use a korean one and not some western site. Also it would be a plus if it were free. Waygook is my favorite dating site -. Quote from: maximmm on April 06, , am. The first thing to say is that this is definitely not pyramid selling, OK? Be warned in advance though, Koreans who use these internet apps for dating are often extremely materialistic and usually have standards too high for even themselves The apps will also ask questions regarding this- your height, job, salary etc.

Also if you don’t look Korean I don’t think girls will usually give you a chance.

3 Female Teachers Talk About RACISM in Korea (HD)